PVC Columns

Wrap around existing support post 

When you need to cover support beam on your porch, PVC column is the perfect solution. Our wrap around columns come in two L-shape pieces and easily attached together with construction adhesive, providing the appearance of the elegant high-end columns while remaining competitively priced. Our PVC columns offer advantages of being unaffected by moisture and insects, but with the thickness, ease of use and workability of wood. Decorative Columns are available in all sizes and styles: square tapered or non-tapered — plain, fluted or raised panel. With all of these options, you are certain to find just the right amount of detail for your specific project. PVC columns don’t need to be painted, as vinyl comes in natural white colour. If you decide to paint the columns , apply one coat of 100% acrylic exterior primer and one or more finish coats of 100% acrylic exterior paint to finish it off.

Expert PVC Column installation is guaranteed!

We provide column installations in Toronto, Greater Toronto area and beyond.

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