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Choosing the Right Ceiling Medallion for Your Décor

bronze ceiling medallion

One of our medallions painted in a stunning bronze.

Ceiling medallions, also known as “centers”, are a beautiful architectural detail that make a bold statement. Traditionally used to highlight lighting fixtures, medallions come in a staggering variety of shapes, sizes, and styles; choosing just one can be a bit of a challenge. Thankfully, we at Royal Mouldings are here to help you do just that.

A Little About Ceiling Medallions

These beautiful pieces have been incorporated into buildings since the early 19th Century. Generally used to dress up a bare ceiling and add visual interest to a space, they are typically a focal point from which to hang light fixtures, chandeliers, or fans. Historically, the bigger, more ornate medallions were used in entryways and other grand spaces. They also indicated a family’s financial status and standing within the community. They were typically hand-carved from iron or marble, or sometimes fashioned out of papier-mâché. The skill it took to create these focal pieces meant they were expensive and therefore only accessible to mainly the upper echelon of society. They also helped reduce the risk of damage to the ceiling if there was a fire, which was much more likely when the source of light was candles!

ceiling medallion

Choosing the Right Size

Today ceiling medallions are available to anyone who wants to add a little interest to their space!  The centers from Royal Mouldings are made from polyurethane and range from simple and modern to the traditionally ornate style of the Victorian era.


The first step to picking a ceiling medallion is measuring your space.  Take the square footage of the room by multiplying the width and length.  Then, divide this number by 7.  The final number is about the width your medallion should be.  A 28-inch medallion could get lost in a big master bedroom or living room, while a too-large center could highlight the smallness of a room.  The medallions at Royal Mouldings range in size from 18”- 46” so we have something for every space.

Fitting Your Style

Once you’ve decided on a size it’s time to choose a style.  There are a few things to consider.  First, think about your existing décor or your decorating plans for the future.  Do your tastes trend towards the ornate or are they more simple?  If your style is sleek and modern, opt for something minimalistic.  It will drive the right amount of attention to the center of the room, visually opening up the space around it, without overwhelming the rest of your decoration.
plain ceiling medallionpearl ceiling medallion

The two medallions above, Plain (above, left) and Pearl (above, right) are two beautiful examples of simple, modern elegance.  Either is a great choice for your fresh and light décor.


fruits-ceiling-medallion leaf-ceiling-medallion

Pictured above are our Leaf and Pearl (above, left) and Fruits (above, right) centers. These are perfect for those who love 18th and 19th Century European design. Picture a beautiful chandelier hanging from one of these medallions!

unique ceiling medallion

There is something to be said for shirking the rules all together! Our oval design pictured above is unique and would fit in any space. Consider mixing up your styles. We think a traditional medallion looks beautiful with an ultra modern light fixture!

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