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Choosing the Right Columns for Your Space


Columns are a beautiful and functional architectural feature with a rich history dating back hundreds of years.  The whole idea of columns is to provide ceiling support without having to create smaller rooms through the use of walls.  They are primarily used for this function still today, and continue to be a practical and popular way to increase living space and provide beautiful visual detail.

A Brief History of Columns

Columns have been around for nearly as long as humans have been creating hand-built shelters.  They are used to distribute the weight of the ceiling through compression.  The first known columns date as far back as the Ancient Egyptians, who used them around 2600 BC.  Another ancient group, referred to as the Minoans, originally used entire tree trunks that they then topped off and painted.  It was their descendants, the Greeks, who popularized the wide use of columns as both functional support and decorative detailing.  They developed the classical orders of architecture to classify each style and began using columns both inside and outside of their buildings.  It is their work that created such famous sites as The Parthenon.


By Steve Swayne – O Partenon de Atenas, originally posted to Flickr as The Parthenon Athens, CC BY 2.0

Choosing the Right Column for Your Project

exterior columns

If you need a column for the outside of your home, we have what you need.  As homes age, load bearing wood posts on a porch can become weathered and rotted.  Not only is this unsightly, but it can cause structural and pest problems as well.  If you need to cover up a damaged post, choose one of our PVC columns.  These come in two L-shaped pieces that can be fitted around an existing beam.  If you want a white column you’re in luck because PVC doesn’t require any paint!  Available in all styles and sizes, you’re sure to find what you need.

If You Need to Cover Ugly Pipes

Some homes were clearly built for practicality and not beauty.  Thankfully, you can easily cover the eye sores of exposed pipes or ugly load bearing beams.  If you’re searching for a column for these purposes, an MDF one from Royal Mouldings is an excellent option.  They are designed to add beautiful dimension to your indoor space as well as provide extra load bearing support.

If You Want to Add Some Detail to Your Home

interior columns

If you’re looking to add some stunning architectural interest to the inside of your home, look no further than our high-grade wood columns.  By adding a column to a room, the eye is drawn to it, bringing dimension and a focal point to a previously empty space.  Royal Moulding’s wood columns are crafted from the highest quality finger-joint pine and are available in a variety of styles to suit every taste.

How to Choose a Style That’s Right for Your Home

While the choice is ultimately up to you, here are some pointers for making your decision.  Many of our columns are available in both fluted and non-fluted designs.  We would suggest choosing the fluted option if you love a bit of the dramatic and have a large space that won’t be overwhelmed by this detail.  If your home is smaller, we suggest sticking with the simpler, non-fluted option.

We also offer a variety of decorative capitals and baseboards that can add further dimension the the column.  If you have modern, minimalist taste, stick with square, simple designs.  These will add visual interest without cluttering the sightline.

If you love classic style and elegance, you may prefer scrolled or carved options.  These work best in larger homes because of their bold impact.  You’ll be stunned at the difference these designs will make in your space.