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What is MDF?
MDF or Medium Density Fiberboard is made of refined wood fibers combined with resin and hot pressed to create a composite wood product that is free of knots, voids, and other defects commonly found in wood.

Are your mouldings primed?
Yes. All MDF products are required to be primed or painted with an industry standard sealer. This sealer/primer penetrates and seals the MDF so that the finish coat of paint can be applied with ease. Royal Mouldings guarantees that every piece of molding is primed and ready for a finish coat of paint.

How long does the installation take?
Under normal circumstances, it will take just one day to install 200 feet of moulding.

Do you install plaster or polyurethane (foam) trim?
We do not offer plaster or polyurethane trim.

Can MDF wood trims be used outdoors?
All our trims are developed for interior use only.

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