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Ceiling Medallions

Ceiling medallions – An inexpensive way to dress up your light fixtures.

When it’s time to think about accessories and accent pieces, decorative ceiling medallions are excellent to improve the look of your rooms. Ceiling centers are primarily used to add beauty and definition to dull and bare ceilings. For example, placing a medallion on your ceiling is a superb way to highlight the chandelier. We are proud to offer a large selection of polyurethane ceiling medallions.

About our ceiling medallion installation.

We provide professional ceiling medallion installation across Toronto and the GTA.

All our medallions are made from lightweight polyurethane, painted in a Benjamin Moore classic cream colour, paint and stain them any way you like. The centerpieces have brilliant quality and definitive detail. The installation of these centrepieces is fast and clean, requiring only nails or adhesive. With our wide range of decorative medallions, we’re positive you will find one that will match your taste. Our medallions range in size from 18″ to 46″.

The installations are clean, precise and usually, are performed within a few hours. We ensure that the medallions are installed to precise measurements for every room.

Deciding on the right medallion.

The selection of the perfect ceiling centre requires the proper consideration of the size and shape. The height of the ceiling and the type of chandelier and furnishings in the room should also be accounted for. The general rule-of-thumb in choosing the right size of ceiling medallion is to match it to the diameter of the lighting fixture. At Royal Mouldings, we are always happy to help you in choosing the perfect medallion to complement your fixture and room.

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