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Coffered Ceilings

Coffered Ceiling

About our coffered ceilings.

Coffered ceilings (also known as waffled ceilings) adds a beautiful architectural element to any room. Throughout the centuries craftsmen and artisans have created stunning ceiling accents and coffered ceilings, always was a luxury architectural detail.

However, using modern technologies Royal Moudings can offer you a premium ceiling system that is very affordable, and its distinctive look and timeless elegance will literally transform your interior living decor. In mot cases, it is very common to find coffered ceiling in more official spaces such as; libraries, offices or dining rooms. Nowadays this beautiful, versatile design element has become more affordable and has begun to appear in kitchens, dens and bedrooms.

Whether you are looking for a traditional or contemporary design, we have limitless design capabilities with the efficiency and precision of a modern production facility. Our production processes and controls ensure that we achieve accurate dimensions to your specifications and consistent strength so that the coffered ceiling system performs to your expectations and stands the test of time.

About coffered ceiling installation.

Coffered Ceiling Installation

First, we arrange a time to meet and perform a free in-home consultation. Our designer comes to you and discusses the details of the project. We the decide on the best layout, design pattern and dimensions to suit your living space. The specific type of crown moulding used would also be chosen at this point.

Once we have the design and materials chosen we’ll decide on an appropriate installation date. Based on your requirements we pre-fabricate the parts of your ceiling in our factory and bring it ready to be assembled and installed. The installation of the waffled ceiling usually only takes one to two business days.

The advantages of our custom coffered ceiling systems.

The benefits of coffered ceilings

  • Flexibility to choose from a wide variety of design and enhancement options.
  • Superior quality fit and finish.
  • Dramatically reduced installation times versus all conventional site-built methods.
  • You have the option to conceal the stucco ceiling, ceiling damages, defects, irregularities, or undesirable finishes with a specially integrated ceiling panels, at the fraction of the cost of all conventional methods.
  • The ability to route, electrical, audio/video wiring, plumbing, or air conditioning ducts in the cavities of the beams prior to completing the final stages of the installation.
  • Increased property value.

No more stucco!

The conventional methods of ceiling stucco removal are costly. It becomes even harder task if oil-based paints were used to paint the ceiling. We use 1/2″ masonite board already primed white to cover the stucco, making the ceiling smooth with a fraction of the cost that a paint company would charge you, and with absolutely no mess!