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MDF Square Columns

MDF – Alternative to traditional round columns

Square Medium density fiberboard (MDF) columns offer an alternative to the more traditional round columns. The addition of our Square MDF Columns to a room often will add a sense of extra space and dimension. For larger rooms columns can give a greater degree of diversity to that particular space which might look empty and without uniqueness. Our MDF interior columns come in three different designs, depending on your preference : smooth plain, fluted and recessed panel.

In addition to its architectural look, our MDF decorative columns serve an ideal practical solution for covering load bearing posts. Royal mouldings square columns come as 4 separate shaft pieces. Each corner has a special groove to attach the pieces together for a perfect fit, making properly finished corners.  Our MDF columns are light weight making it easy to install for a single person. Base and cap are applied after installing the shaft itself. You can pick from our large variety of trim your choice of baseboard, the crown moulding or architrave to finish off the bottom and top of the column. Priming and painting with an acrylic latex or oil – based  coating is all that is necessary after installation.

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