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Crown Moulding (also known as Cornice Moulding) adds a special touch of charm to any room in your home. These beautiful works of art have refined the look of castles, estates and cottages for centuries. Until recently, crown moulding installations were quite costly and difficult, since plaster had to be used as the foundation of this decoration. While plaster used to be the only option, modern breakthroughs in stable MDF (Medium-density fibreboard) has turned around crown mouldings industry. Medium-density fibreboard is an engineered wood product formed by breaking down hardwood or softwood residuals into wood fibres, making MDF much denser than plywood. This advancement has made installs quick and hassle-free, with an easy clean-up. Our extensive product line of MDF custom mouldings are the best way to enhance the overall beauty of your entire home. Apart from its aesthetic appeal, MDF crown mouldings also offer a fast, practical solution to hide wiring or avoid refinishing a ceiling when a wall has been replaced.

About crown moulding installation Toronto.

Royal Mouldings carries the widest variety of profiles ranging from; very traditional, to contemporary and modern. All of our crown mouldings come in lengths of 14’ and 16’, and are primed white and ready for paint. Our crown moulding products come from Canadian mills such as Alexandria Moulding and Metrie. These mills meet highest standards of material quality in the industry.

We happily provide installations across Toronto. The estimated time of installation is approximately one day or 24 hours. Our team of professionals can cover roughly 300′ to 400′ of crown moulding within that timeframe. We leave behind no dust or mess in your home, all the cutting is done outside. We always stand behind our quality and professionalism. We provide you with 5 years warranty on material and installation – unmatched by any contractor in the Greater Toronto Area.

Choosing the right moulding style.

The most popular sizes of mouldings range from 5 to 8 inches in width. The rule of thumb on deciding the right size of the mouldings depends on the height of the ceilings. Profiles 4″ to 5″ are usually used on 8-foot ceilings. For the 9-10 foot ceilings, 6″ to 8″ would be more appropriate. When you’re deciding on the size of moulding to use, the overall size and the layout of the room must be taken into an account. For higher ceiling applications, we can create a build-up of mouldings, where we combine one of the crown products with trim or panel mouldings. This technique produces a distinctive custom style.