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Flexible Profiles

In the past, trimming out an archway meant forcing straight wooden moldings to bend through a series of complicated curve cuts. If you needed to install crown moulding, baseboard or trim on a curved wall, you had to cut short pieces and joint them together, which was very time consuming and required high level of carpentry skills. And still in many cases you could see those small joints show off after final coat of paint.

Flexible profiles are the original alternative. They are curved applications where wood mouldings or trim simply won’t bend. Architects, builders, contractors, remodelers, designers, and homeowners consistently ask for flexible custom profiles. Our Flex profiles are amazingly adaptable and can accommodate virtually any radius which is 3 times a profile width or greater. These profiles are seamlessly constructed without lamination defects! The material is moisture proof, insect proof, can withstand extreme heat and cold temperatures without warping, cracking or deteriorating.

In addition It’s easy to install using standard woodworking equipment – cut, sand, shape and finish with primer and paint like any standard wood product!
No more numerous pieces and joints, sanding and filling.

Any of our main line MDF products can be ordered and custom made as flexible profiles.

Flex Specialty Applications Include

  • Crown moulding
  • Half Round Windows
  • Elliptical Windows
  • Arches and Arcs
  • Bowed Windows
  • Radius Drywall Corners
  • Curved Stairwells
  • Round Columns
  • Trim Ceiling Domes

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