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Floors are the anchor of your home. At Royal Mouldings, we offer a range of solid hardwood, engineered planks, and laminate flooring. New, beautiful floors can both increase the value of your house and complete the décor of your space. An expertly installed, quality product can completely transform any room and contribute to the lasting worth of your home. Royal Mouldings has all of the species, colors, and finishes you’re looking for. Visit our Concord showroom at 201 Millway Avenue to see all of the many options we offer!

About Flooring Installation

At Royal Mouldings, we offer a full range of beautiful and affordable flooring products and can complete installations throughout the Greater Toronto Area. Our trained flooring technicians will make sure the process is completely seamless and causes the least inconvenience possible for you and your family. Once you have chosen the type of flooring best for you, our carpenters will remove and dispose of the existing floor. All of our hardwood and laminate options come equipped with special tongue and groove profiles to minimize preparation, and therefore mess. We will ensure that the floors are perfectly square, even, and to your exact specifications.

We use only the finest hardwoods and are so confident in our products and professional carpenters that we provide customers with a five-year warranty on materials and installation.

The Right Flooring for You

Our stunning, solid hardwood is available in all the species you love. We have a spectrum of gorgeous shades of Red Oak, Maple, Hickory, American Walnut and many more. If a timeless look and classic style is what you’re after, solid hardwood may be perfect for you. However, if a resilient product that will stand up to wear over time is your priority, engineered hardwood may suit you better. Incredibly durable and long lasting, each engineered option is topped with a veneer of genuine hardwood and is indistinguishable from its solid counterpart. This type of flooring is a great choice for families with young children and pets, as it is decidedly more durable than traditional solid hardwood.

For those seeking a budget-friendly, but still beautiful option, consider laminate flooring. Laminate is comprised of several layers of strong, synthetic material which is topped with a final layer that perfectly replicates genuine hardwood. Available in both 12-mm or 15-mm thickness, laminate is a practical and affordable choice.

Whatever your needs, the professionals at Royal Mouldings are here to help.