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Interior Doors

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Choosing the right interior doors for you home.

Finding the right door can be difficult with so many different styles. When you enter your home you want it to look the very best, and interior doors can change a room from good to fantastic. Different doors complement different reasons whether it’s a new construction, renovation or decorating project rest assured Royal Mouldings has a door for to suit you.

Today, homes are purchased to meet specific lifestyles and to satisfy the need to create multiple living environments within a single home. To meet varying tastes, Royal Mouldings is offering new and innovative door products that will make every home beautiful, more valuable and more enjoyable. Our doors come from the world’s leading manufacturer Masonite. With the ultimate goal of adding beauty and value to every home, Masonite’s products are designed and constructed to exacting standards and specifications. All materials – wood, fiberglass, steel or composites – are engineered and carefully selected to ensure lasting durability and timeless performance. For individuals who are building, renovating or redecorating, Masonite products are certain to beautify and accentuate a wide array of architectural home styles.

One stop for every need.

Royal Mouldings offers a complete line of interior doors to meet any architectural or design requirement. The Moulded Panel Series features traditional and contemporary panel configurations. There is tremendous variety of wood species. To increase light in any room, choose the French Door Series. This family includes a wide array of glass, wood species, lite and panel options. The Crown™ Series offers the added advantage of MDF (medium density fiberboard). Crown doors feature traditional stile & rail craftsmanship, with the performance benefits of MDF. To round out the line, a full line of 1-3/8″ Miami™ louver doors can be used to meet specific design needs and increase ventilation. Also, the 1-1/8″ bifolds are functional and beautiful.


Masonite interior stile & rail doors are manufactured in controlled conditions using only top-quality products. The doors are warranted for one year against any defects which would prevent normal utilization. The doors must be carefully cared for and the guarantee will only be valid if the “Door Care” conditions are met.

Interior and exterior door installation.

At Royal Mouldings we only start with the finest products.

• Our doors are stored flat and fully protected against humidity. When doors are moved, they are be lifted, eliminating any sliding of one door on another.
• In order not to change the door’s balance, we remove up to 1/2″ of its width (1/4″ on each side). Any modification to the door’s height must not exceed 1″ and should be removed from the bottom rail only.
• When hanging doors, we use a top quality sealant, applying it immediately to minimize humidity absorption. Special attention is given to finish all six sides of the door, including the top and bottom of the door.

The process of our installation starts with an initial consultation to understand your needs. The length of time to complete a job can vary from a few hour’s, to a few weeks for large residential projects. Every project is completed on time and on-budget. Our team of professionals are extremely clean and pay attention to every measurement, ensuring extreme precision.

Don’t settle for mediocre door installations, that leave you with large gaps and awkward angles. Contact Toronto’s top installation company.